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We support and repair many different brands of computers and laptops.  However, when we sell a product we make sure we can support it into the future.  Service, Warranty and Support are an important part of deciding which brand of computer to purchase.

Frequently asked questions about buying new computers.

Q. Which computer manufacturers are the best selection for a small business?
A: Choosing to partner with a particular manufacturer or brand that is well supported here in South Australia is crucial, if things go wrong, you can get help quickly.  Decide to stick with a brand that you trust, if Toshiba has been a reliable machine for you in the past, then stick with what you know.  If you have no preference, then stick to well known household names, that you would recognize.  Names such as Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, Panasonic or possibly HP.

Q: I am on a budget!  Shouldn’t i just get the cheapest laptop from the local retailer?
A: If there was a special real life-rebate scheme, by where at the end of every calendar year, you could get back some of your time, and each year you could ‘get back’ say, 24 of your hours of your own time, and you could spend that time doing anything that you wanted to do.  How much would you be willing to pay for those hours?  Time is precious, there are no refunds.  Don’t skimp on the following important specifications:

  1. CPU or Processor quality and speed.  This speeds up every single unit of computing that is performed.  Choosing the rest of the computer, around the CPU selection ensures that you will get a fast computer.  More importantly, the CPU can not be upgraded at a later time.  Don’t skimp on this specification (CPU).  Avoid “Celeron”, “Pentium Dual Core”, and Cheap AMD processors altogether and start with something like Intel i5, Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen CPU.
  2. RAM or Memory.  THis can be upgraded into the future, but selecting the right amount and speed of Memory can change your experience dramatically every working day of your life!  Dont purchase less than 8Gb of RAM in 2017 and 16Gb or more is recommended.  Ask about a ram upgrade at the time of purchase.  Many laptops include 1 x “stick of memory” and there are dual benefits for adding a “second stick of memory”.  Not only do you have more memory, but the computer can access both of theses “sticks” at once, speeding things up once again.
  3. SSD or Hard Disk.  One of the biggest performance boosts available in consumer computing today, is a newer technology hard drive called an SSD.  These drives have no moving parts and are not as susceptible to vibration or impact damage, they improve battery life and are much faster than older type hard drives.  Ensure your new computer features a large SSD disk drive and your time savings will add up quickly.
  4. Everything else.  Focus on the battery life, extended warranty, screen size, keyboard aesthetics, etc.  By starting to look at only computers with the above specifications, you’ll ensure you get a fast computer from the get go.

Q: I have a budget in mind, am i spending enough or too much?
A: Don’t skimp on the hardware.  Computers are expensive but they are a primary business tool and we spend *a lot* of time in front of them.  Get the best CPU, RAM and SSd disk you can afford.

Q: Is warranty important.
A: Yes. Wherever possible ask about extended hardware warranty, particularly on laptop computers.  A 3 year on site warranty upgrade shouldn’t be more than around 20% of the cost of the computer.  If an important part fails in the second or third year, we do not want to have to replace the unit, particularly given the specifications we have selected above.

Q: How often should i refresh my computers?
A: It depends on how much you use your computer and what you are doing with it.  I believe business critical computers should be under warranty at all times.  Plan on replacing your computers between every 3 to 5 years at most.


Summary of things to look for when buying a computer in 2017:

  • Intel i5 or i7, or AMD Ryzen Processors
  • 8Gb or MORE RAM (16Gb recommended)
  • SSD Hard Disk, don’t buy less than a 250Gb or 500Gb.
  • 3, 4 or 5 year warranty,
  • Name branded computer with local service center
  • Do you need a numeric keypad for data entry? This dictates the screen size too!
  • Make sure the stated battery life is acceptable for your purposes.
  • Aesthetics.  Try to spend some time on selecting a computer that “feels right” under your fingertips.

A little time spent researching and selecting the right computer, will pay off every working day for your immediate future.  It is worth spending that time investment, to win back many hours a year in lost productivity.


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