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MYOB and Reckon products General Support in Adelaide

About Accounting Packages and small business in Adelaide

Nearly every business DataEcho interacts with now uses Accounting Software or Special Business Software to track their finances, inventory, staff resources, etc  Businesses need these systems for many reasons, one of the most important reasons is COMPLIANCE.  Some of the most important compliance systems include:

  • INVOICING to provide tax receipts to customers,
  • PAYG if employing staff,
  • GST via their BAS, if registered for GST,
  • PAYROLL information and employee entitlements,
  • INVENTORY if selling many or varied products,
  • TIME TRACKING for payroll and/or billing purposes if selling services,
  • REPORTING to get information about your business,
  • BANK RECONCILIATION if you have a bank account used for business.

The Time Resource

Some or all of these compliance tasks can be very time consuming however!    Being a small business owner myself, i can swing between really enjoying these activities, to sometimes dreading them.  I think it’s fair to say that good time management is important, otherwise these areas can quickly get out of control.  It’s also really important that these compliance activities are done accurately.  This means it must be efficient and easy to use, and you need to be confident with your processes and your software.

If your business is running an old version of accounting software, you are probably spending your TIME RESOURCES on some unnecessary book keeping activities.  It would be worth your TIME to investigate how a modern accounting system can save you time, every week and every month. (Do this sooner than later).  It is my core belief that our TIME is the most important resource that every one of us have.  This is certainly true for business entities too!

Do you have an excellent accountant?

It has been my experience that every business needs a C.P.A. or a Certified Practicing Accountant.  Whether or not you do some or all of your own book keeping activities, or you have a book keeper, this is never a substitute for an excellent accountant.  I have known several good accountants, and in recent times i have met a CPA which i would consider excellent, it has certainly improved my business.

Ask your accountant about what he recommends

If you are considering using Accounting software, start with the question to your accountant.  “What do you recommend i use?”  He is the best person to recommend software based on his knowledge of your business.

What software is currently available for small Australian business?

The most popular products we support are:

  • MYOB,
  • Reckon (formerly known as Quickbooks),
  • Cashflow manager.

Recently there are ‘cloud based’ options available too for business owners too:

  • Xero,
  • Saasu,

Other Business Management Software we support is:

  • AMWin,
  • HirePos,
  • TransMate,

There are many options when it comes to business software. Some business use only MS Office software to manage their information, otherwise leaving just a handful of business that still use paper based systems.

The annual handover of digital or paper book keeping in a properly formatted and accurate form can also save your accountant a lot of time (and save you money) Some still send paper information to their accountant annually, while switched on accountants have continuous access to their client’s business software.

We are not partnered with any particular software provider, but have hands on experience supporting most common business software over the past decade or more.

What support does DataEcho offer in regard to Accounting Software?

DataEcho are not financial advisers or accountants, we are computer and software experts!  Here is how we can help:

  • Work with your existing book keeper and accountant,
  • Recommend excellent book keepers and CPA accountants 🙂
  • Supply, install and configure the computer and network equipment required to run it,
  • Help setup backup systems to protect the information,
  • Support your environment including printing, internet and general computer usage,
  • Install, transfer and/or update your existing accounting software,
  • Anything else IT related that helps you run your business!

How we can not help:

  • We do not provide accounting or book keeping services or give accounting advice.
  • We do not meet your compliance obligations for you.

Call 1800 DATAECHO for help with your business software today!