Ransomware Survival Toolkit for Small Business

Your business is online now – it’s unavoidable.  Even if you don’t specifically trade online, you still have email, online listings and advertising, internet banking, accounting and business software, social media and more.  Unfortunately, what’s also unavoidable is a never-ending supply of new, sneakier cyber-threats.  We have put together a checklist of IT activities that may help you prepare your business against unknown internet threats and malware, such as Ransomware, spyware, software key-loggers, trojans, phishing schemes, and unsolicited adware.

  1. BE PREPARED.  Every day it seems there is a new cyber threat in the news.  Experts are scrambling to keep up with the new wave of online fraudsters.  We can’t rely on the traditional triad of “Firewall, Windows Update, and AntiVirus Software”.  Click here to see a list of our favourite tech blogs, vlogs and TED talks.
  2. UNDERSTAND THE RISK.  We can’t fully understand the internet based threats, so at the very least, you need to understand what your business ‘digital position’ looks like.  Make a Business IT Asset Register, this allows you gauge how many devices, software and database dependencies, and the location of these data sets.  Basically, where is your key business data and how important is this data to your hourly, daily, weekly, etc operations?
  3. IDENTIFY COMMON THREATS.  The internet, malware and virus are common threats, but there are other common dangers that you must prepare against.  A single device failure can devastate a business without adequate preventive measures.  Use a document called a Recognized Threat List and jot down as many known problems or threats that you have heard about and any other concerns you have about your IT up time.  Protecting your business against threats that we can recognize ahead of time is an important step in potentially bettering your protection against the other, unknown threats
  4. MITIGATE THE RISK. Use another document called the Threat Assessment Matrix and identify threats that are both likely and dangerous, and ensure that at the very least, all those threats are mitigated against.
  5. TAKE ACTION. Now you know where you data is and how important it is to your business.  You have become aware of known threats and assessed these to establish which can effect your productivity, the next step is to take action to protect yourself.  Schedule Weekly and Monthly activities for yourself in your calendar.  Hold yourself accountable for these activities as part of your job description.
  6. RELAX.  Just kidding.  Seriously, I would like to remind you that the unknown threats can not be mitigated against.  This means, go back to step One and repeat the entire process regularly, perhaps schedule it for the first workday of next month.
  7. CONSULT AN EXPERT on 1800 328 232.  We can do all this for you, specific and unique to your business needs.  If you need remote assistance now, call us and click here to grab the TeamViewer tool.***This advice is generic and does not take into account your circumstances or requirements.  


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