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Ransomware Survival Toolkit

Ransomware is attacking Australian business, you must act now BEFORE you are attacked.
Call today and talk about a Ransomware Survival Toolkit for your business.


FAST Computers and Laptops

We have been building and maintaining business computers for Adelaide business for over 15 years.


NBD Workstation Replacement

We understand that computers support critical business functions.  Ask us how to protect your productivity.


VIP Business Owner Support

Our Business Owners are all VIPs.  They have a power geek in their pocket.


IT Management for Small Business

Even sole traders with one computer need Data Echo to take care of the nitty-gritty IT stuff. We manage IT for business with up to approximately 10 computers.


Business grade email

If you haven’t yet got yourself onto Office 365 mail system, then we can make IT easy!


Office IT moves and setups

We are experts at moving small IT for business.  If you are building a new office or are moving your gear, then ask an expert to help and make IT easy!


Get onto NBN ASAP!

Need some help getting the best connection possible? ASk us for help and we can make IT easy!


On site support!

We come to your home office or business anytime that suits you. Call today!


Experts with MYOB, Reckon, CFM, AMWin

You need IT management from someone who understands your software.  We are experts in all major bookkeeping and business software.


Backup Management

Every business owner knows the importance of backing up crucial data – let us take care of managing this vital task for your business.


Critical Systems Monitoring

We use a combination of software agents and skilled personnel to ensure business-critical systems stay up and running.


Patch Management

Keeping your software up to date is one of the most important ways to help keep your business safe from emerging internet threats.


MS Server 2008 and 2012 Expert

We are experts with open-source and MS Server technology alike, including Hyper-V, Server 2012, Server 2008, and Ubuntu.


Cyber Security Review

We have the resources to audit your business IT security from the inside out.  We can perform penetration testing, pull hardware specifications, grab active directory users and produce reports around sensitive areas of your business IT.


Workplace "Vaccination"

Preventing IT disasters means spending time with each corner of your IT systems.  Let an expert inspect your business network to ensure there’s no obvious security problems.


Business User/End User Support

We can tailor a business user support package to suit your requirements, and we provide unique and flexible real-time support for your VIP staff.


Third Party Advocacy

Do you hate talking to Telstra, Internode, etc?  So do we – but we are experts at it, and we’ll do it happily on your behalf, to get you the best outcome possible.


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